UVA Center for Wireless Health

What is Wireless Health?

Wireless Health is an emerging field that seeks to infuse wireless technologies in healthcare and medical research with the goals of improving patient care and quality of life while reducing healthcare costs. Efforts in this field are necessarily interdisciplinary, bringing together engineers with doctors, nurses, psychologists, medical researchers, caretakers, family members, and patients themselves.

The UVA Center for Wireless Health was established in 2009 to coordinate research efforts in this area across the University and with collaborators at other institutions. Ongoing projects include in-home sensors for identifying signs of depression, body-worn sensors for fall risk assessment, and an artificial pancreas that combines blood glucose sensing and insulin pumping for Type I diabetics. All of the Center’s projects include the use of novel wireless technologies to collect data on real patients. The results and experiences from these deployments inform the engineering research that yields subsequent technology generations and enables additional medical applications.