DESI: Dynamic EHR-Sensor Interface



* Steve Patek (
* Jianping Wang (
* Alex Gessner (


DESI is a platform for the mobile patient to be monitored in near-real time by healthcare providers.   The existing limitations in accessibility and available bandwidth of current broadband wireless technologies makes real-time transmission of rich, body sensor data over commercial networks unfeasible.  The Dynamic EHR-Sensor Interface (DESI) is the device that sits between the body sensor network and the healthcare server.  DESI is connected via Bluetooth to the sensors and via broadband wireless to the back-end server.  DESI aggregates and optimizes incoming data for relevance and timeliness with respect to current wireless resources and then transmits.  

The cloud-based back-end server has a continually updating view of the incoming sensor data.  It is also capable of accessing the current GPS location of the device, requesting higher fidelity data from one or more of the individual sensors, and initiating audio or video transmissions with the mobile patient.  

The current implementation of the platform is designed for a cardiac mobile patient who is a high risk for syncope. ECG and accelerometer data constitute the sensor network, a portable windows machine is the DESI, and a collection of Java servlets, MySQL, and Tomcat make up the back-end server.