Sleep Monitoring


* Enamul Hoque (
* Robert F. Dickerson (
* John A. Stankovic (

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Sleep monitoring systems are important to recognize sleeping disorders as early as possible for diagnosis and prompt treatment of disease. We propose a sleep monitoring system based on Intel WISPs (Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform). Our system does not require any additional action from the users outside their daily routines. We attach WISP tags to the bed mattress (Smart Bed) and collect accelerometer data reported by them. We analyze these data and infer body position of the users and movements they make while on the bed. We can then record entries and exits from the bed, and movements and body positions during sleep. Recently WISPs have been used to recognize various daily activities. Our system complements such activity recognition systems.

Movement determined by Our System during One Night’s Sleep


Body Positions During One Night’s Sleep


Future Directions:

Our goal is to:

* Correlate discrete movement events over the night to 'Sleep Quality'
* Correlate the movement patterns to specific sleep stages
* Use our system to detect specific sleep disorders (i.e., Restless Leg Syndrome)


Hoque E, Dickerson R, Stankovic JA.  2010.  Monitoring Body Positions and Movements During Sleep using WISPs. ACM Wireless Health.