TEMPO Inertial BSN Platform

 TEMPO is an inertial sensing device that incorporates full six degrees of freedom motion capture in a device about the size of a watch. The device uses accelerometers to measure linear acceleration in all three axis, as well as gyroscopes to measure rotational rate in all three planes at sampling rates as high as 128 Hz. The data is than wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to an aggregator such as a smartphone, laptop, or other mobile device. 


At the center of the node lies a low power microcontroller by Texas Instruments called the MSP430. This microcontroller is what is responsible for collecting the data and sending out over the Bluetooth radio. By having a MSP430 on the node, we get the flexibility to perform computation on the node such as compression and classification as well having detailed control over the node. 

A custom case for the TEMPO node was made in order to maintain a certain level of durability. The case contains no buttons for the user to press, but all commands are sent over the wireless channel. The case also contains a rechargeable coin cell battery and the case has two metal contacts that are used for recharging it as well as turning the node on. There is also a range of straps that can be used with the custom case that allow the node to be worn in many different locations such as the wrist, ankle, thigh, back, and anywhere on the body.