10/24/12: John Lach gives an interview with Sharecare

 8/19/13: Philip Asare's paper "Towards a Framework for Safety Analysis of Body Sensor Networks" will receive the Best Student Paper Award at the 2013 International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets) in Boston this October.

 6/8/13: John Lach gives a UVa Reunions Seminar with Myla Goldman, a UVa Neurologist specializing in Multiple Sclerosis

 6/1/13: John Stankovic and the Musical Heart project featured in the Technology Quarterly of The Economist

 5/30/13: John Lach gives a keynote presentation "Synergistic Research Opportunities for Engineering and Medicine” at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital Research Symposium

5/29/13: John Lach presents “Evidence and Efficacy in Wireless Healthcare” as an invited panelist at the Virginia Tech Symposium on Wireless Personal Communications

5/22/13: John Lach gives an invited presentation on the ASSIST Center at UVa's NanoSTAR Spring Symposium

 5/14/13: John Lach gives a TJ Society Reunion Seminar on Wireless Health

5/14/13: John Lach presents on Big Data challenges in Wireless Health at the UVa Big Data Summit

 3/13/13: John Lach presents on Wireless Health as part of the UVa Graduate Medical Education Institutional Core Lecture Series

 2/8/13: John Lach gave an invited talk on Body Sensor Networks and Wireless Health at Virginia Tech

 11/6/12: Shahriar Nirjon's Musical Heart project highlighted in UVA Today

 11/1/12: John Lach discussed Body Sensor Networks and Wireless Health on UVA Today Radio on WTJU 91.1 FM

10/24/12: Italo Armenti, Shanshan Chen, and Rob Dickerson presented their work at Wireless Health 2012

9/5/12: Center team part of new NSF Engineering Research Center

7/22/12: Lach named new Chair of ECE Department

7/18/12: Philip Asare awarded NSF/FDA Scholar-in-Residence at FDA grant

7/5/12: NIH Grant Awarded for Center's Collaborative Project on Dementia

07/01/12: Professor Stankovic was appointed Distinguished Adjunct Professor at DGIST University, South Korea, July 1, 2012. He is building a home health care lab in South Korea.

06/14/12: Kinect and Location of Objects