Enabling data-centric energy-fidelity scalability in wireless body area sensor networks

TitleEnabling data-centric energy-fidelity scalability in wireless body area sensor networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHanson MA, Powell, Jr HC, Barth AT, Lach J
Conference NameProceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Body Area Networks
PublisherICST (Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering)
Conference LocationLos Angeles, California
ISBN Number978-963-9799-41-7
Keywordsbody area sensor networks, energy-fidelity scalability, haar wavelet compression, quality of service, sample rate-resolution adaption

Energy-fidelity tradeoffs are central to many battery-constrained systems, but they are essential in body area sensor networks (BASNs) due to energy and resource constraints, and the critical nature of many healthcare applications. On-node signal processing and compression techniques can save energy by greatly reducing the amount of data transmitted over the wireless channel, but lossy techniques can incur a reduction in application fidelity. In order to maximize system performance, these tradeoffs must be considered at run-time due to the variable nature of BASN application, including sensed data, operating environments, user actuation, etc. BASNs therefore require energy-fidelity scalability, so automated and user-initiated tradeoff decisions can be made dynamically.