Platforms and Technologies


BodySim is an open, multi-domain modeling  and simulation framework for body sensor network research and design. Our current focus is on wearable, because this is the area in which we have most experience; however, we evision that BodySim will translate to implantable and semi-invasive systems as well.

TEMPO Inertial BSN Platform

TEMPO is an inertial sensing device that incorporates full six degrees of freedom motion capture in a device about the size of a watch. The device uses accelerometers to measure linear acceleration in all three axis, as well as gyroscopes to measure rotational rate in all three planes at sampling rates as high as 128 Hz. The data is than wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to an aggregator such as a smartphone, laptop, or other mobile device.

WISP-based Smart Bed

We have designed a WISP based smart bed by attaching 3 WISP tags to the mattress of the bed for sleep monitoring. We place the tags in such a way that when someone lies on the bed, there is one tag on each side of his body and one tag near the legs.


AlarmNet is an assisted-living and residential monitoring network for smart healthcare research that opens up new opportunities for continuous monitoring of elders or those in need of medical assistance.

Custom, Battery-Free BSN Platform

Body sensor networks (BSNs) are rapidly becoming important tools in today's health care. The goal of the ultra low power BSN project is to develop a system-on-chip (SoC) operating in the sub-threshold regime to increase processing efficiency and life time of BSN nodes. Increased life time of these devices will result in reduced cost to consumer and less invasive procedures to replace batteries/nodes. Work is on-going, looking into optimizing the processor, adding accelerators, and energy harvesting.

DESI: Dynamic EHR-Sensor Interface

We are developing a mobile platform for streaming optimized, near-real time body sensor data (from a patient's body-sensor network) to back-end healthcare providers.  This data is optimized for commercially available broadband networks with respect to currently available resources and perceived data pertinence.  There is also functionality available from the back-end to request more or different streams from the mobile platform.  


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